Landscape Lighting

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You are proud of the work and money that you’ve put into your outdoor living space. You love your home’s architectural features and picturesque garden beds. You probably want people to admire that gorgeous yard and garden—and, rightfully so! That’s where professional landscape lighting comes in. It’s the perfect way to highlight your breathtaking landscape, provide safe passage across walkways and driveways, and add a whole new dimension to your home. Are you still unsure about investing in outdoor landscape lighting options? Discover the advantages of outdoor lighting.


Nighttime is a great time to enjoy your open-air oasis, but it can also be dangerous—especially if you don’t have the right lighting. Slips, trips and falls occur frequently outdoors at night, because it becomes difficult to see those curves, rocks, stairs and steps. Night visibility issues aren’t just a thing of age, either; in fact, studies say that reduced night vision affects up to 80% of the population. So, rely on outdoor lighting to illuminate pathways, walkways and steps, and to allow for better visibility and safer access for you, your family and your guests.


No matter where you live, there runs a risk of potential intruders. Exterior lighting is a significant deterrent to crime, offering valuable protection long after the sun goes down.


Landscape lighting allows you to do more of what you love—spending time outside with your friends and family. You can increase the dramatic beauty of your yard, trees and garden beds by adding outdoor lighting. It increases your curb appeal and makes your walkways, patio and green areas more inviting. Outdoor lighting makes recreation, cooking and dining areas enjoyable and inviting, no matter the time of day.


There’s no denying it—landscape lighting complements and highlights a home’s best features, including those that are normally shrouded in darkness after the sun sets. Professional lighting showcases all of the time and efforts that you’ve put into the outdoor areas of your home.


Is the outside of your home a bit dull? Using one or a combination of specific lighting techniques, landscape lighting designers can create dramatic focal points around your home and highlight all of the best features of your property. Add spotlights to highlight focal points, or use uplighting to softly highlight trees or garden areas. Use the silhouetting technique to showcase evergreens and plants. Your paved patios can benefit here, too.

Financial Return

Professional landscape lighting systems have been proven to increase the value of homes. Studies show that adding landscape design lighting can add roughly 30% to the value of a home. And more importantly, as much as 50% of all homebuyers say that outdoor lighting is important when buying a home. Better still, low-voltage lighting uses less electricity and is more economical to install than high-voltage systems. Landscape lighting is a perfect way to enjoy the outdoors at night, and to boost your home’s curb appeal. After all, it’s the house in the neighborhood with the spectacular lighting that everyone slows down to take a look at. It’s a fast, inexpensive way to see your property in a whole new light—and the time and money you invest are minimal compared to the benefits you receive.

At Lucas Irrigation, we have a passion for perfection and we guarantee quality in everything that we do. In our craftsmanship, our award-winning designs, and our consistent follow-through. Our unparalleled expertise, high quality lighting fixtures, and impeccable installation have earned us our reputation as the area’s best choice for professional landscape lighting. Over the past 50 years, the Lucas name has become synonymous with helping to increase property values across Michigan. Contact us today to learn more!