Mulching services

Lucas Irrigation will save you the time and backache associated with mulching your landscape. We know that mulching is a tough job and hard work for any homeowner. Our mulching services team will help you decide which mulch is right for flower beds, how much mulch you will need, or if you really need mulching services at all.

Benefits of Mulching services

Mulching will reduce water loss from the soil- it slows evaporation and improves water absorption.

Mulching helps to slow weed growth reducing the amount of weeding.

Soil quality can be improved with organic mulches that enrich soil as it decomposes.

Mulch will help protect plant roots from wide temperature swings.

Mulching can also lessen the amount of lawn maintenance. Increasing the number or size of flower beds and filling them with mulch will reduce the amount of lawn mowing. Placing a ring of mulch around trees, plants, landscape lighting or water features will also reduce the amount of lawn mowing needed.

Mulch conserves soil and minimizes erosion.

Types of Mulch

There are many different types of landscaping mulches that vary in color and texture. Chunky mulches typically last longer than smaller-sized and shredded wood mulches. Decorative stone, pebble mulch and rubber mulches are alternatives to traditional wood mulch.

Organic Mulch

A natural organic mulch is beneficial to gardening and will decompose quickly, enriching the soil as it breaks down. All mulches break down at different rates and should be applied evenly across your flower beds so that the nutrients are distributed evenly and the overall look remains level as the decomposition occurs.


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Triple Shredded Hardwood